A tough, cool style, whether you're shooting or just carrying it around.


A tough, cool style,
whether you're shooting or just carrying it around.

A design that combines with the street and extreme situations.
A style of usage that fits with the lifestyles of the smartphone age.
Using visual communication in a cool way,
by immersing oneself in the toughness of spirit that always pushes the limits.
Shooting videos, holding it, making it a part of you.
Every action is an expression of the self.

Casio set out to create a tough device like none other.
The resulting design is an example of
Casio's pursuit of both strength and usability.

The concept of “Ultimate Toughness” leads to a unique world view.
Casio sought to achieve a style that would be cool on the street and in extreme situations,
while giving the device the durability it needed to perform under harsh conditions, as well as practical usability.

  • Form design

    G'z EYE fits in the palm of your hand, with a design incorporating elements that allow the device to stand on its own and be distinguishable top to bottom. The contoured bumper-shaped areas are used for not only to guard the lens and buttons, but also to act as guides to fix the grip position.

  • Button layout

    In order to capture that definitive shot under severe conditions, the layout has been designed so that the device is fully operable even without looking at it, with the buttons being enlarged and positioned accordingly. Perhaps the most important button, the Movie button, is given a central location and accented with the color red.

  • Back design

    Great attention has been given even to the design of the back, which uses a stainless steel panel. The design is such that the product's high quality is evident when viewed from any angle.

  • LED indicators

    LED indicators are positioned on the front of the body. These indicate with clear lights how the device is operating, such as by showing the device's power and wireless connection status.

  • Detailed design

    The tops of buttons are covered in a ridged surface, and a slit runs around the edges of the main body and the back cover, for increased grip.

  • * Images are representative of camera's effects and functions only.