Capture dramatic moments as they really happened
with image-capture functionality derived
from high-speed technologies

Create videos with particular parts slowed down at the timings you decide

Dramatic Slow Motion

When shooting a video, press the Slow button to momentarily capture high-speed video around the time you press the button at a frame rate that is four times or eight times higher than usual. Use this feature to, for example, capture jumps or decisive moves in extreme sports. Capturing dramatic moments like these in super slow motion, moments which would otherwise be over in a flash, allows you to add a cool presentational element to your videos. You can also set the length of time over which to apply the slow-motion effect and the timing, allowing you to keep up with the movements of fast actions. You can apply Dramatic Slow Motion any number of times within a single video, for videos that feature dramatic scenes where the action continues moment to moment.

Dynamic videos with a sense of perspective

Super-wide-angle shooting

G'z EYE features a lens capable of super-wide-angle shooting: 170.4°* for movies shot in FHD and 190.8° for still images. By covering a wider area, it's easier to ensure that the subject stays in the frame even when you're operating the camera in no-look mode, and to capture images without being concerned about the precise angle. When shooting selfies at short distances or when creating videos from the perspective of the subject, the super-wide-angle lens allows you to include more of the background in the frame, allowing you to achieve videos that offer a more realistic depiction of the scene.

* This angle is achievable when the camera shake correction for videos is set to “Off” or “Standard”.

Continuous shooting of FHD video

G'z EYE supports the shooting of videos at full high definition. Even if shooting ends automatically due to reaching the time limit, shooting restarts automatically without any need for user input.

High-speed consecutive shooting/ pre-recording consecutive shooting

G'z EYE includes two continuous-shooting functions: high-speed continuous shooting, where you can capture images at up to 30 fps* with just one touch of the shutter button; and pre-recording of still images, where up to 30 images are shot in rapid succession in the time before and after you press the shutter button. Don't let the moment you want to capture slip away.

* The maximum number of images that can be captured is 30.

3-axis Movie Anti Shake

In addition to camera shake correction from top to bottom and right to left, G'z EYE supports camera shake correction involving rotation around the lens. Camera movement is detected through both sensors and image analysis, allowing you to shoot videos with minimal camera shake, even when you're moving.

Note: 3-axis Movie Anti Shake is possible only when camera shake correction is set to “Strong”. When camera shake correction is set to “Standard”, correction is possible on only two axes.

High-speed engine

G'z EYE features the EXILIM Engine HS Ver. 3 as well as a 1/2.3" reflective CMOS on the back side. With its unique high-speed technologies, G'z EYE pursues camera performance that is a perfect fit for the street or extreme usage scenarios.

  • * Images are representative of camera's effects and functions only.