Strong against shocks

[ Shock resistance Dropping up to 4m*1 ]

G'z EYE cameras won't break, even when dropped or hit by other objects. G'z EYE cameras were designed under the assumption that they would be subject to shocks from hitting the ground or falling during activities like skateboarding or street dance, leading to shock resistance that protects against drops from heights of up to 4m.

Strong against water

[ Water-proofing Depths up to 50m*2 ]

Use G'z EYE without concern even during a sudden downpour or underwater. The highly airtight construction means that water will not penetrate the device even when it is subjected to crashing waves, and the device is waterproof to depths of 50m. G'z EYE also mounts on your surfboard to capture you in action.

Strong against sand and dust

[ Dust-proofing: IP6X standard*3

Whether on a dirt road or on the street, there's no need to hesitate.
With its IP6X-standard dustproof design, G'z EYE shuts out sand and dust. This allows it to be used even for off-road activities, such as BMX biking. And if the camera becomes dirty, you can use water to wash it.

Strong against the cold

[ Low-temperature resistance: -10°C*4

When winter comes, the action really heats up.
G'z EYE works in low-temperature environments down to −10°C, so you can use it in locations ranging anywhere from the ski slope to the back country. Snowboarding and skiing can be captured without compromise.

Every aspect of G'z EYE has been designed for use in harsh environmental conditions, resulting in a tough construction born from the need for strength

  • Protects themain unit fromexternal shock

    Covered construction

    The body of the camera is covered by urethane bumpers that absorb shocks from falls. The cover has been designed with areas that protrude outwards to prevent the buttons or lens from coming into direct contact with surfaces, allowing the camera to exhibit superior shock resistance when dropped at any angle.

    [ CAE analysis ]

    Computer simulations of the shocks suffered from impacts were used to optimize the hardness and shape of the urethane bumpers. By analyzing the effects of falls from a variety of different angles, the designers of the camera have achieved a product that is shock-resistant in all kinds of harsh environmental conditions.

  • Shuts outentry of water

    Wave-blocking construction

    The camera features water-proofing components that make the camera very airtight around the microphone and speaker. In addition, wave-blocking construction in the form of comb teeth is used in the cover, which alleviates and disperses the shock of waves. Preventing waves from directly making contact with the water-proofing components allows you to use the camera even in environments where strong waves are present, such as while surfing, allowing the camera to be extremely airtight.

  • Button-guard construction

    The operation buttons are made using the stainless material SUS 316F for strength against rust, and feature cylindrically shaped guards that prevent damage and accidental operations that might result from shocks. In addition, the camera is extremely airtight due to the double gaskets inside the shaft.

    Battery cover

    The camera features a dual-layer construction consisting of a shock-resistant outer layer and a waterproof inner layer, giving the camera both durability and water-proofing.

    Front screws

    The urethane bumpers are attached with solid connections formed from six screws in six holes. The screws are made using the stainless material SUS 384 and are strong against rust.

  • *1: Shock resistance: The product clears a Casio standard test (developed with reference to MIL-Standard 810G Method 516.7-Shock), where the product is dropped onto a plywood (lauan) board from a height of 4m.
  • *2: Water-proofing: Equivalent to a level 8 in the JIS/IEC liquid ingress protection standards. The product can be used for 30 minutes continuously at a depth of 50 m, and resists direct exposure to water jets from any angle. The product clears section 8.8 (“Exfiltration testing (exposure device)”) of the JIS F 0812:2006 standard. The product clears a test involving exposure to water jets at a strength of 10 atm (a Casio standard).
  • *3: Dust-proofing: Equivalent to a level 6 in the JIS/IEC solid particle protection standards.
  • *4: Acceptable temperature range during use: −10°C to 40°C. Note, however, that if the temperature of the battery falls below 0°C, operations that require wireless connectivity will not be possible. As temperature falls normally, battery performance will decline, which will reduce the possible shooting duration and the number of images that can be captured. When using the device, ensure that the temperature of the spare battery does not drop too low.
  • Note: The shock resistance, water-proofing, and dust-proofing of this product were determined from internal testing at Casio, and do not guarantee that the product can be used without any damage or failures occurring, or without any effect on performance. Water-proofing is not guaranteed after the product has been dropped.
  • * Images are representative of camera's effects and functions only.