Comparison view

You can split the screen in two to compare photos you have taken. You can even zoom or move between pages on both screens at the same time, as well as applying make-up settings from photos you have taken to future photos.


You can "favorite" photos that look good or have turned out as planned with just one touch. You can then choose to view only your favorite photos from the menu.

A wide variety of shutter options to help with selfies

As well as the standard shutter button, the TR is equipped with touch shutter, selfie timer and motion shutter features to enable you to take photos in various different styles.

L/R Flip Shot

You can flip photos horizontally while taking selfies and save the results, enabling you to keep the mirror-image photos that you normally see.

Selfie Art

The TR comes with six effects built in to enable you to add artistic expression to your photos and produce more impressive, more individual results.

Instant movies

Touch the button to start recording, then simply release to stop. Arrange your own timing and cuts to effortlessly produce your own creative short movies (6, 10, 15 or 60 seconds). Needless to say, you can still use make-up effects while filming. You can even enjoy uploading movies to SNS too.

EXILIM Auto Transfer

[ Automatically transfer photos via a constant connection to your smartphone ]

Using EXILIM Auto Transfer allows you to automatically transfer photos you have taken to your smartphone.
Needless to say, you can also choose to send your favorite photos, or instantly upload your photos to SNS or cloud-based albums, so that you can share them with everyone.

*Install the dedicated app "EXILIM Connect Ver.4.1" on your smart phone to use this feature.
*You will need a Bluetooth® low energy-compatible smartphone to use EXILIM Auto Transfer.

■One Time Share
Share photos by generating a QR code that can be read by a smartphone.

■Location info
Add accurate location data to the photos you send to your smartphone, so that you can look back over fond memories of days out.

■"Scene" smartphone app
Open "Scene" from EXILIM Connect to instantly check, adjust and share photos you have taken.

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