Whether you're taking photos or viewing photos, the TR has an approx.1.04 megapixel 3.5-inch LCD that reproduces crystal clear images throughout.
Its simple UI improves usability too.

The TR features an aluminum outer frame to keep it streamlined.
We have used advanced cutting technologies to create a camera that is even more streamlined, while still being more than strong enough for the job.
We set out to make something that would look beautiful in a woman's hand.

The TR's exquisite exterior combines fine lines created using ultra-fine processing technologies with a brilliant ring decoration to produce a lingering sparkling beauty that looks different from every angle.

Taking beautiful selfies relies on the freedom to take photos as you like.
Based on that concept, we created a unique structure to enable users to take freestyle photos.
The frame angle can be adjusted to your liking, making it suitable for being held in your hand and stood upright.
The freestyle frame also maks it covenient to shoot long videos.
This allows you to take selfies whenever the mood takes you.

  • Hold

    Hold the moveable frame in one hand to take photos in whatever style you like.

  • Position

    Combine the stand with the selfie timer or motion shutter settings to take spectacular full-body photos hands free.
    Enjoy taking selfies in all manner of different poses.

  • Hang

    Try hanging or mounting your camera on the wall or other objects around you. Using the frame opens up a limitless range of photo styles, giving you an even wider repertoire of selfies.