"Skin Tone," "Smooth Skin," "Face Brightness," "Sculpt," "Dark Circles Remover," "Slim Face" The TR has six fully customizable make-up settings.
It saves your most recent settings as personal data, enabling you to take selfies with your own unique settings any time you like.

[ Skin Tone ]

Give your skin the look you want

Continuing the eternal pursuit of female beauty,
the TR offers you a wide variety of looks for your skin.
From natural skin to a rosy complexion, give your healthy,
fresh skin the finishing touch you want.

[ Smooth Skin ]

Skin free from marks, dullness or pores

Adjust the smoothness of your skin to create an even,
smooth finish

[ Face Brightness ]

Radiant, translucent skin

Control the radiance of your skin, to create radiant,
translucent skin all over

[ Sculpt ]

Sharp features that really stand out

Accentuate shading effects around your eyebrows and
nose to give your face a real sense of depth

[ Dark Circles Remover / Slim Face ]

Make your face look prettier and smaller in an instant

■ Dark Circles Remover : Reduce natural shadows and get rid of those annoying bags under your eyes ■ Slim Face : Make minor adjustments to the contours of your face, based on 3D analysis of your skin

The TR analyzes the environment and subject when taking photos and automatically adjusts your skin to look more beautiful.
Even if the quality of your skin changes, or you are in different light, the TR accesses your make-up settings to enable you to take photos in the best possible conditions, anytime and anywhere.

In Any Situation

[ Look beautiful indoors and out ]

The TR uses highly accurate face detection technology to separately process images of your face and the background.
It carefully analyzes the ambient light and the surface of your skin to maintain your desired makeup effects.
Now you can take beautiful selfies without worrying about your location or the condition of your skin.

[ Dark locations ]

The TR features two LED lights to minimize uneven light,
enabling you to take beautiful photos even in dark locations.

Unique make-up algorithms

Using face detection technology capable of accurately detecting the position of facial features, including your eyes, eyebrows and nose, the TR processes images differently for your skin, eyes, lips and other individual areas. It also detects your skin in three dimensions to enable advanced reduction of marks and dullness, leaving you with natural, beautiful skin.

Image quality design

We study users to predict how they will use their devices in practice, and carry out comparative analysis based on differences in picture quality depending on the model and settings used. Thanks to our development environment, we are able to catch even subtle differences in shading and make precise adjustments to whitening and beauty effects. The end result is more complete, better quality pictures.

Camera performance

In addition to the advanced image processing capabilities of the EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3, the TR has a highly sensitive 1/1.7 back-illuminated CMOS sensor that can take in large amounts of light, and uses a dedicated 21 mm wide-angle lens for selfies to give your skin a fresh quality.

Double LED light

The TR is equipped with two lights to minimize uneven light, which occurs when your face and body are at different distances from the lens. This creates a wider angle of light in all directions, to help reduce uneven light and enable you to take beautiful shots even in dark locations.